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Character flies over rock formation
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While walking in the groove between a large rock formation and the side of a hill, character began to "slide" accompanied by a sound that would indicate sliding on gravel. I'm not sure if the character was animated to appear to be sliding. Once the character stopped sliding there was a short pause then the character flew through the air almost 100 meters, hit the ground standing, did not make a sound indicating injury and promptly died. Respawned close enough to immediately retrieve gear from dead character and tried this again. The same thing happened. Both times the character had an M4 in the hands but not raised or looking through optics. I've tried to replicate this again without any items in hands and was unable to.


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  1. Hold rifle in hands (down)
  2. Walk down hill with rock formation on your right, mountain face to left
  3. If the slope is great enough character will slide
  4. Character will stop sliding and appear to be stuck
  5. Moving forward while stuck in this way might cause character to become airborne

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Yes that's the exact spot this happened

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Is this the first bunch of rocks west of kamishovo on the hill? If so then I can confirm.


Thank you for sending us your feedback regarding this issue.

Unfortunately, the problem regarding the rock formation west of Kamyshovo is a known issue that has previously been reported.

Closing as duplicate of #2270.

Please upvote the original issue to increase visibility and feel free to add any extra information (updated repro steps/screenshots) in the notes section.