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The internet connection is broken when I'm looking for a server to play DayZ
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I Play DayZ with my brother with the same internet connection, same router. When we are a few minutes in the server list, looking for a server to join, the internet connection crash.

We have a lot of bandwidth (60MB down, 6 up) and doesn't occur to us with any other online game. I have friends who have the same problem of loss of connection.

Only happens when we look for a server. While we play dayz not have any problem.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open Dayz
  2. Enter to list servers
  3. Wait few minuts (looking server)
  4. Internet connection crash
Additional Information

Yesterday my brother and I played (remember that we use the same internet connection) with some friends.

After playing several hours, we were in an area but my brother could not see us. It was as if a lot of lag. I could interact with my friends in this moment. My brother restart your computer and reconnect, in a few minutes, had the same problem and I do not.

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