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Character climbing a ladder falls down instead of reaching the top and walking.
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I recently tried climbing a ladder in a specific building and It would not let me get on the roof. When I attempted to get on the roof.. I would just fall down the ladder and die or break my legs.. tried to get on that roof two times unsuccessfuly.


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I climbed the same ladder.. and thats all it took.

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this buildings?

if so allready reported

Yes, and the giant buildings in Dubky.

I would imagine that this report would be a bit more useful if you could say which building, exactly.

I've not seen this in the ship yet, but I avoid ladders where possible.

Definitely happens in the apartment buildings, such as the ones across from the grocery store in Berezino.

confirmed .Happens a lot of times in the big ship also
Happened in the apartment buildings in berezino

Duplicate of #1425 (Fall off ladders in top floor of 8 story buildings).

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