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Unnecessary complexity of several objects cause performance issues
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I've been looking for possible reasons why the performance of this game is so bad. When looking at objects in the environment I found plenty examples of overly complex structures of objects, causing more triangles than necessary and subsequently increasing calculation requirements.

I've taken a number of screenshots of objects that are unnecessarily complex in structure. Have a look at the uploaded images, you will find bent surfaces where flat surfaces would do the job just fine thereby reducing the vertices required to shape the objects. I think the increased amount of vertices within the objects are responsible for the highly CPU based computing power required to run the game fluently. {F29970} {F29971} {F29972} {F29973} {F29974} {F29975} {F29976} {F29977} {F29978} {F29979} {F29980} {F29981}


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First off the LOD doesn't work, increasing the objects setting only affects your draw distance and amount of objects in scene atm afaik. Secondly if you change any parameter in the settings menu you'll see a huge fps increase or drop, that is because everything is not optimised, singling out the geometry as a magic bullet fix is just speculation. I'm sure the devs know better than us what needs optimisation and what is causing lag, we simply don't have the tools to accurately determine what is causing fps drops and how to fix it. Thirdly, if 20k vertices, that's less than 5000 polys if squares (adjoining poly's share vertices) makes your pc lag then that is your problem, your pc is simply not very good, sorry. I also do 3d modeling and with a 5k polycount I can add subdivision and still have a smooth viewport, and my pc is not the greatest. Also 3d apps render graphics differently from a game, that is why games have engines, you can't directly compare the two. Lastly the bug tracker is not for us to tell the developers how to do their jobs, it is simply to report bugs. Check out the new developer's feed section in the forums, you'll see they definately know more about what they are doing than us.

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Because the game just starts looking like crap.

The number of models on screen simultaneously is going to cause a lot more problems than a few extra vertices on some concrete blocks. That's why the cities lag so much - lots of draw calls for lots of objects.

Also, remember those fps drops in cities? Anyone here with more than 25 fps in cherno? That kind of proves the point, too.

And there already is a LOD system in the game...

of course it's geometry. what else would be that cpu-intense? all you have to do to prove it is change the object quality settings from very low to very high and watch the fps drop with fraps or any other fps tool running.

@itchypantz: you wouldn't even see the difference. textures stay the same.

@R834: why have a SINGLE concrete block render 8 triangles PER SIDE (= 48 triangles total) while you can have the same block rendered with 2 triangles per side (= 12 triangles total). Of course it doesn't make a noticeable difference with a single block but the sum of ALL objects with unnecessary vertexes and extra triangles do cause slowdowns. I've made complex models of buildings myself (22000+ vertices) and I see how rotating the models becomes slower and slower the more detail I add to them. And we're not talking about a single model here, we're talking a huge amount of objects that shape the environment. It sums up.

i don't think it is the geometry that causes bad frame rates, but maybe they'll introduce lod later. Anyway everything is unoptimised so laying the blame on the geometry without having proof does not help, imo you are only speculating.

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I think you're overestimating how many triangles these models are made up of. Most of these aren't really *that* detailed.

The first image shows the issue pretty well: the wall is indeed overly complex while the ground to the left is extremely lowpoly.

I'm not sure it's the amount of polygons that is a problem for the DayZ engine, but without knowing the sourcecode that's hard to tell.

@itchypantz Some people have pretty decent gaming PC's and they struggle with performance! I'm sorry but your post makes no sense at all. If i suffer from terrible FPS then i will continue to remove grass for that FPS increase.

Also without a performance increase for this game not alot of people will continue to play the game since something similar will be released with alot better performance rendering DayZ dead before it even made it out of beta!

Frankly, I would like more complex objects. I want GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS, GRAPHICS. This is called a VIDEO game, not a SMELL-eo game or a HEAR-eo game. I want to see cool shit in my games. If you cannot run DayZ, you don't have a gaming PC.

It is not that you should not get what you want, but I am saying that I really hope game devs continue to push the envelope and increase graphical complexity. It just means that you will have to suffer with compromised capability into the future.