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Dying or being hurt when joining a server before connection fully syncs.
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Frequently when I join a server, after the display loads (once I can see my crosshair dot and hotkey bar), there is still a 10-60 second delay (seems dependent on the hardware of the server as well as the time since last server reboot) before actions I take are registered in the game... and also before I see actions other people take.

For example, today I logged into a server, and I could see another player about 200 metres away. For about 45 seconds I watched the screen, with him not moving, and none of the zombies in the field moving either... I couldn't take out a gun.. I could move around, but I don't trust that my movements were registering on the server.

After the 45 seconds, a flurry of things happened very quickly, I heard the sounds of my gun loading that happen upon my login, I heard some footsteps from (I assume) this other player... and my screen very quickly turned to "You are dead".

If you log off in a safe corner.. you can usually ride out these 10-60 seconds when you log in, simply safe by the fact that nothing can see you while you're syncing. If another player happens to be in sight or in the same room though, you're completely at their mercy.

I suggest that you not appear in the game world until your client has fully synced with the server and is ready to accept movement and item commands. At least in this case I can hit the ground running if there are threats nearby.. and not die when I have absolutely no control.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Log into a server
  2. Observe that you cannot immediately take out weapons, open doors, move inventory items, turn on flashlights, etc.
  3. Once the lag dissipates, after 10-60 seconds, you will hear the noise of your guns loading and you are now able to interact with the world.
  4. If you are hurt or die before things sync up, you don't see this happening and have no control over your character yet.
Additional Information

It is worth noting that while you are in this "initial sync" stage, you can often right click on items like flashlights, after after a delay (up to 10 seconds while it says Receiving...) you will get the menu popup... however it will not work! If you click "Turn On", the flashlight seems to turn on "locally" (?).. you never see a flashlight beam. You then have to Turn Off, regardless of whether or not you're synced yet.. and wait until you can equip an axe or open a door before you can actually turn on your lights.

Once you're synced, the "Receiving..." disappears after just a moment and the popup menu appears within a second. If it takes more than a second or two to show up, I find that I can't trust that it will work.

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seems to happen most often if I join a server before the server browser finishes refreshing. Usually I'll just see a server I like within the first few that show up and launch in... in this case it will take a while before I can do anything.

If I let the server browser finish (go get a coffee) then when I launch in, I'll be able to play immediately. Having to wait for this to be certain I'm not logging in with my pants down is a pain.

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yup happens to me as well, mostly after server restarts when i try log back too fast (sometimes the logging back even kills me or breaks my legs)

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