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Food Economy = Loot Every Single House (outrunning the occasional zombie)
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Currently the gaming experience is boringly time consuming and unrewarding.

I would like to see...

  1. A lot more zombies, preferably in packs. The occasional zombie here and there just doesn't create the familiar atmosphere one is used to from movies and TV-series. This would also make it a lot more interesting for players to sneak into a house through the backdoor or a window or a fire escape. Zombies should also stop pursuing other survivors and enjoy their meal once they've caught their prey. One might even expect to be able to scavenge body parts for the purpose of using them to lure zombies to a desired location. Also there is very little fun outrunning zombies. Being able to find cover from bushes, lockable doors or above ground areas such as electric poles or roof tops, and then having to wait the zombies to loose interest or get attracted by another survivor, would be way more exciting.

I would like to see...

  1. Cabinets packed with food. The occasional rotten fruit or a single can of food in the whole town just doesn't feel real. One would expect almost every house to have at least 5-10 cans and a can opener. Also the food should not be placed on a table but in the kitchen cabinets. Instead of having to search through all the houses in every city I would like to spend the effort and time sneaking into just one.

I would like to see...

  1. Countless of empty soda bottles (to be used as refillable water bottles) lying around or at least inside dumpsters.

Please make the gaming experience fun and interesting. {F29968}


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Respawn and walk to the nearest town.

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Eating a quarter from a tuna can at a time?
Come on! Please see the attached picture.

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Zombies should improve over time...

I don't think we need more food or concentrated food stores though. Once you get a couple hours into the game food and water shouldn't be an issue anymore, food literally spawns everywhere.

Also keep in mind that the world is supposed to seem like the zombies have been around for a while.. they didn't just show up yesterday. The residents of these houses would have packed up what they had before they left (or died) and early scavengers would have taken the majority of the usable items. It makes sense that you would find a sparse scattering of less desirable items in the common areas.. and slightly more valuable items in the less-frequently-visited or harder to get to areas?

Just my 2 cents.