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Trapped in a House
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Server restarted and placed me in a home... My friend told me to put my body to the wall and try logging (Didn't work for me)... I tried to see if I could open the door but didn't exist... Tried Verify integrity of game cache... here are some pics of it... Any questions just ask... Ill try to help... {F29957} {F29958} {F29959} {F29960}


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Yeah I had friends run down to help me... They had me run against the wall while they were on the other side and log... Then Poof I was FREE lol...

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Stand against one of the invisible walls facing out. Hit V to start vaulting, and mid-vault, log out. When you log back in, you should be on the other side of the wall.

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i have this bug when I first respawn in an house, for the first minutes

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you must sprint into wall and press 'V' for jump sometimes jump out from this bug..

maybe bad collision for buildings or player