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Items staying on dead player body
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searched a building several people had died in within the last ten minutes with a friend, only 1 body was visible, upon looting it none of the items were removed from the body but they did show up in my inventory. (spring hunter pants, shotgun several bullets in the pants, holster and magnum), i then continued to search for more loot as my friend went to the body, he bagan to loot it and the items disappeared off my inventory to his, i went back to the body and repeated this back to him.


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several of my friends and I were in the same building conversing over in game comms,suddenly we were attacked by people who appeared in the upper floors of the building and several of us died, 1 remained to watch over our bodies as we ran back from nearby, the man who remained killed 2 more people. When I arrived he was in the room where another friend had died chasing the bandit, the bandits corpse and my own, as well as another player who had walked into the room after everything. the last body was the only one i could see but he stated we were all there, the 4 of us, on the ground with a goldmine of loot. tried to relog with no success, and continued to explore the building which is where i found the glitched body.

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This has happened to me multiple times.. Usually when this occurs you have to hide the body after looting it

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Confirming this has happened multiple times since patch 0.32.114557

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Can confirm, has happened with every body ive come across so far in the latest patch, about 7-8 times.

You can prevent other players from taking your items by selecting the hide body option when finished looting.