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Nothing I do affects anything until I log off
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I was able to play perfectly fine for a while earlier today, but at some point, things stopped working. I would pick up an object or open a door, but I wouldn't see any difference in the world. Upon logging off and back on, I would see that it had happened, but that I hadn't been able to see it.

At this point, no matter what server I join, I can't see myself affecting my environment in any way. I walk right past zombies (or maybe they attack me?), and I pick up/drop items, but I can't see them. Finally, I log off, log back on, and all the doors that I had touched are open, and all the items that I picked up are in my inventory.

As you can imagine, this makes playing DayZ incredibly annoying and time-consuming. Did I somehow trigger something? Is there an issue with every server that I've tried to join? Whatever the cause, I would like to think that the servers wouldn't be set up to allow this to happen.


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No clue.

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Check your desynch value (press P and click your name). It's probably 100000 (the maximum). Had a similar issue in an older version of DayZ SA where my client only got information when joining (items on the ground, players somewhere close). I could run around and my friends would see that but on my client they were standing on the position they were when i joined. They weren't not moving or doing anything.

I couldn't do anything about it. Sometimes it worked on some servers but got desynch like 30min later. I think Dean said that this was caused by problems with weather synchronisation. Maybe theses desynchs are somehow related.

I would like to add that I can't interact with anything in my inventory, so I'm currently starving. I guess I'll just not play for a while and hope that it works tomorrow...