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Sun shows weird colors (blue, yellow, red)
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Sometimes the sun is colored in weird, unrealistic colors. {F29953}


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Look at the sun. Menu screen background is sufficient, but it also appears in game.
It does not always occur, at least for me. But I was able to make the attached screenshot after a couple of restarts of the game.

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The weird colors seem to be the result of some (color) clipping errors, maybe in the HDR calculations (handling of overbright colors).

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Confirmed since the first public release on steam.
The weird colors are there for longer when in main menu, but as huiduke stated the colors appear for very short time in game.

"Graphics: "god rays" could cause overloaded post-processing and graphical corruption"
from the patchnotes:

Is that related to this bug report?

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confirm this

For me it stays longer, but you are right, it has a low priority.
But it belongs in the bug tracker, I think it was not reported yet.

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confirmed, but only for really short times (not even 1 second). sometimes while leaving houses, i think. no real issue, if you ask me.