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Player Health status suggestions
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health status are not a problem in this game and in fact most meds are pretty useless
-You're thirsty, you drink: I drank many times from ponds, never got sick, filled up my canteen from ponds and sanitize the water with tablets.. but I know it is unnecessary
-Alcohol tincture will make you sick for 1/2 hr then you re fine.
-I got wounded by shot, lost lots of blood from zombies, player whines for a bit" that hurts" , took painkillers, vitamins... kept that status for countless hours, then logged out to log back in in order to stop that moaning
-Antibiotic, morphine, Vial? what for ?
-Temperature: not affecting anything at this time either

Come on now, Its zombies apocalypse, Let's spice it up and get sick a bit more


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So where are the suggestions?

Morphine also cures moaning

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Morphine repairs broken legs

You do realize the game is in alpha stage and you know what that means, though?
I agree to your "report", but this will most likely come sooner or later anyway...