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Unable to equip pistol while prone
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Unable to equip pistol while prone using hotbar key. When I press the associated hotbar key for pistol (#3 in this case) while prone the key will 'light up' as if the character is going to equip the item. You can even see the ragdoll move its arms to get the pistol out of inventory and then move it forward but it immediately puts the pistol back into inventory.

If this is not a bug then consider it a feature request: not sure why a character should not, or could not, equip a pistol while prone.


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Note: I just tested it again with the same result. I.e. I was unable to equip the pistol while prone. This time, after attempting to equip using the hotbar key, I did drag-and-drop the pistol in the inventory screen into the character's hands. Same result: namely it appears to equip the item, with associated character animations, only to de-equip the item.