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Request for a "Report Server" button beside each server
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We need a simple an efficient way to report servers that try to enforce their own custom rules. To prevent this game from ending up like battlefield 3 and 4.

The best way I can ink of to do this would be to have a "Report Server" button beside each server so that players can easily report offending servers so that they get taken down and black listed as soon as possible.


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These are the rules for Dayz standalone. You can already report servers who have their own rules to get them black listed but we need a more streamlined reporting method.

Severs enforcing their own rules are shutdown or blacklisted.

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People owning a server can do what they want and there is nothing we can do about it. Besides that, even if you could report server...what would happen? Do you think the developers would shut the server down? Someone has paid for the server and just because he is using his admin rights there is no reason and no possibility to do something.
The only option you have is to change the server which is no problem at all.

Same thing with Battlefield. There are thousands of servers and you have problems to pick one without admins???