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Unable to loot under/in pine trees
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I was carrying two weapons (Mosin and M4), Mosin on my back and M4 in hands and I went under a pine tree and started eating some food, because of this, the M4 ofcourse will drop to the ground but after done eating I was unable to pick it up. No option to take in hands in scroll menu and didn't show up in vicinity, I tried to pick the M4 for about 10 minutes and gave up, tried standing, crouching, prone but nothing worked. I did see the M4 in tree tho and even stood on it. {F29948}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have one weapon in back and other in hands
  2. go under a pine tree
  3. eat/drink/do something that requires use of hands
  4. try to pick up the weapon

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happens with other gear as well. i hid in a tree and put some stuff on the ground to do a little inventory rearranging and i was not able to pick the stuff back up. it was kind of a bummer as one of the items i put on the ground was a full ammo can for my mosin, but hey. alpha.

(not)works with looting bodies as well

steps to reproduce:
1.kill a camper under tree

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Duplicate of #4875