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If you are bleeding when you log out, you will spawn on coast.
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This has happened to me numerous times. I just recently exited the second a zombie hit me, and I am now on the coast. This seems to happen every time, for as far as I can tell.


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Exit while bleeding.

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It was not intentional, a zombie seemed to appear next to me as I was hitting exit. I knew of this bug previously, so I definitely did not want to have my character die. That would be a good stance against combat logging. Now if only we can find something for ghosting :)

Why do you log out in the first place??
It's a survival game, if you are bleeding do something about it;)

Anyway, this would be nice against combat logging, i fought against several players who decided to log out in a desperate situation and while they were bleeding.

Yes, I join multiple servers afterwards and I am on the coast in all of them. The servers are usually around 60 ping also.

are you sure you dont join servers with connection issues to the central hive?