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Unable to edit default character
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Unable to edit my default character. The fields where you choose gender, skin, top etc is just blank and there is nothing to click. (Uploading a screenshot of this) This has persisted through several deaths and patches. I reinstalled the game but it didn't help at all and verifying integrity of game cache does nothing. {F29930}


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I also have this issue, it has always been this way since I got the game in december.

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perhaps you have to delete your save folder in: mydocuments/DayZ/...

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I actually tried that when reinstalling the game but It didn't help. Tried it again without touching the game but I still have the same issue. Good advice though.

I have an identical issue to this! It worked perfectly for ages then all of a sudden i got an update and firing the game up resulted in this its been like it for the past month or 2