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Remove .pbo's working still.
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Since the newest update you can still remove .pbo's


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Move .pbo AND bisign file from your addons folder.

Launch game,

Place all the files back in to the addons folder,

Join server,

Additional Information

Now here is where the fun starts.

Sometimes you will get "Session lost" after about 5 minutes of joining a server. But if you keep joining the same server after about 3 times or joining leaving joining etc... you will no longer get kicked from ANY server.

I'm making this private as im unsure if anyone has figured this out yet.

Some .pbo's work 100% some will kick you more often.
structres_Buildingswip.pbo kicks alot more often then stuctures_walls.pbo for some reason.

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I don;t know what the latest version is but you get the idea