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Painted Mosin 9130 will not let you load five rounds
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Okay to start this off I am sorry if this has been reported but I could not find it.

So the issue is that when you paint a Mosin 9130 it will not allow you to load ammo but rather chamber one round. Now we thought it was just a glitch but when we found another Mosin on the ground we discovered that it was in fact the painted rifle. My friend even had me pick up the rifle and try it and I could not either but when I picked up the wood rifle I could also load 5 rounds. I do not have a video as of yet, he recently died and when we are able to find two Mosins I will record and showcase said issue.


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Duplicate report, and also now fixed.


This has been resolved in version 0.33.114926

And this is a duplicate of #0007413.

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Yeah, close this issue. As stated above, this has been reported a lot.

Dude i know about that issue ,thats why i close them. The other who doesnt know that even this close button exists mess the system
My current reports are only for the latest update . When then next will come most of them will be closed

Reporting bugs that have been reported already just messes up the tracker full of duplicates and makes it really hard for the actual devs to discern which are the real issues which need attention.

Would you like to search through 100 instances of an issue to gather together all the information, screenshots and videos? Probably not.

np i do the same i report bugs even if they have been reported already to make sure that they are being worked on , BUT i close them as soon as they are being fixed

Okay I am like completely new to this site so I had no clue about it. Thank you I will do that next time

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consider using the search function.

this issue got ~ 100 reports yet

and around 20 videos.