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New Jail Building in Sveltojarsk
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The building with the jail cell and the spiral staircase. I noticed that the door to the jail cel is a bit small when I entered. I must say, it is a very effective jail cel.

I cannot leave the cel. The door is too narrow.

I tried to crawl, kneel-walk, run, sprint, and walk sideways through the door to get out. I tried to put down all my gear and go through it. Nothing worked.


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Go into jail cell.

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Ways to solve this issue:

  1. Server log and wall glitch
  2. Make the door glitch you through the wall
  1. Put this on the list for the NEXT patch.

Most likely method:
1 or 2

you have to close the bars while you are in door space, so closing bars will push you trouh the invisible barier

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Easier way to get out that I learned from random teleports in walls:
Change server, when it says "loading" at the end spam W and you will be out of the wall or here out of jail.

I was stuck in there too first i thought i don't come out but after 10 Mins of running against the door from all possible angles i managed to get out of it alive :)

But still a very effective jail cell indeed ^^

Oh. I am so jealous! You got out!!! LOL!

I didn't! I ran up on that door for like an hour! I had my friends coming, so I kept at it! LOL! DANG! I had to kill my super-vet character. :'(

Believe me, killing me was not our first idea. I tried all of what you did and way more! I did the leaning bit. I crawled fast, slow, jumped, ran, charged, walked, leaned, ran, leaned, punch-ran...

Good eye on the bedroom doors or whatever. Folding into the wall like that.

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if killing you was his first answer how to get you out. you should consider looking for other friends...

My friends came to see about helping the sitution. They had no answer to the problem. What we tried:


The hope was to be able to move the body or when I revived, the animation to move the body to the next room. Slim hope, but hope. We learned something else: The door is a wall! While standing inside the main building, my friends were unable to shoot me via the jail cell door. They had to go outside and shoot me through the window. This is very odd, as my friend was able to extract three bags of blood from me in the meantime, via the jail cel door.

Interesting room? Jails have stuff in them so far. I go in every jail. Well, now all but one.

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Why did you enter the door?


Thank you for sending in your feedback! Unfortunately we have been unable to reproduce the problem. Please update this issue with updated location info/repro steps/screenshots if the problem still persists for you.


I have experimented with this again. I see no current issues with the jail door.

Hi itchypantz,

Thanks for getting back to us with your updated information :) I'll close out your issue then. In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.