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Rifty (the boat) - falling through to ocean floor
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There is a hold of the ship, on the starboard (ocean) side, that is partially flooded. When walking thought the water there, about half way between the stairs up and the opposite side of the hold, you fall through the floor about two feet to the ocean floor. Your legs are through the ship floor but you are standing on the ocean floor. You can still walk around.

When you try to walk back to the stairs, you get blocked somehow but he ship floor and can't make it back to the stairs. I tried crouching, jumping, walking back and forth etc.

Eventually I was able to jump and walk my wan back onto the ship floor (rather that the ocean floor) and make it back to the stairs.

Just wanted to let you guys know there's some collision / geometry issues in there.

Thanks for such a great game ! Excited to be part of the early access !


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