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Using Alcohol Tincture
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my character had the status "healthy", and i tried the alcohol tincture to disinfect my wounds (just tried), after that i got "sick" with yellow status bgcolor {F29916}


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char with healthy status (no bgcolor) then alcohol tincture "use to clean wounds"

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dont reproduced until now

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had same problem, but after a while it disappeared, like fr3nchy said...

This behavior is much like the Charcoal Tabs...they basically induce higher stages of the illness so that it gets burned out of the character - much akin to real life. This probably just needs better documentation on the FAQ.

the only time the tincture has made me sick is when I drank it.

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Alcohol tincture will make you sick, however, after 3 indications that your wounds are cleaner, the sick status will go away and your wounds will be cleaned

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Alcohol Tinctures are used to treat Wound Infections, and will accelerate the infection to its final stage.

At the moment, however, they're really poorly implemented, so they just put your character on Wound Infection Stage 3 whether you had one before applying it or not.

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