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Duping revolver
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The bug is similar with the #0000038 with the firefighter axe in hands and bagpack, but this goes a step further: duping the revolver over a short time. (bug type not fixed as assumed in #0000038!!!)


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Revolver in holster/bagpack or any other inventory part.
  2. Draw the revolver (in hands).
  3. Swap the complete holster/bagpack/pant with a new holster/bagpack/pant lying on the ground.
  4. Now you have your revolver in hands and a revolver lying in another storage item on the ground.
  5. tested with buddy: he can pick up the revolver from the Bagpack and use it.
Additional Information

Bug restriction: you cannot reload the original revolver; it will disappear after putting anything else into hands; you cannot reload the original revolver. Seems you loose the revolver after a reconnect.

Personally i think this has something to do with the fact that the pistol is occupying regular inventory space. Probably it should get a separate place like in the mod (in real life you can just put it in your pants/belt) so you cannot duplicate it by swapping the inventory part.

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