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empty Cmag + paint spray
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i tried hunter green spray pain on an empty cmag(plastic green mag) 30rnd which was empty and found the following results:

the mag from 0/30 got to 30/30 got filled with ammo
the mag didn't change color at all (light green to -> hunter green)

i didn't try to empty the mag to confirm the bullets
i don't know if its reproduceable

needs more reasearch


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Steps To Reproduce

get a green spray and combine it with an empty cmga 30rnd capacity and you should get a full 30rnd mag back with no color change.

Additional Information

black spray paint should be tested too

variable size of Cmags should be tested too

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Acknowledged issue already reported at #7307

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please correct Game version to 0.30!

i was using full number and was getting wrong value so used 1 out of confusion

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Closing as duplicate report