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Northeast airfield
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the hanger in the middle of jail and air traffic control tower (the one closest to the control tower) around the back of the hanger there is that concrete step thing. when you go up to it, instead of standing on it you go threw it and if you go prone you can crawl under the floor of the hanger and see threw it in third person. sorry if this doesnt make sense.


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try to get ontop of the concrete ledge step around the back. i kept going threw and then being able to crawl under the floor. if you stand up while under the floor you pop up sicking up halfway threw the floor.. i can see people using this to ambush people.

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i think i said it all

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I have seen this problem in other locations like Supermarkets, doesn't happened to me yet, but I have seen friends with the half of their body underground, and they can see themselves in the same way.

I've seen this too and seen people exploiting this - there was 2 or 3 people hiding under here killing players walking across beween buildings
People can crawl underneath the hanger. From this location, you can't be seen or shot, but you have a clear view of the entire inside of the hanger and from the back you can overlook all the area towards the shed the ATC tower and the admin building making it easy to kill anyone.

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This is a duplicate report, please refer to: #3097 for further information and development.

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