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Beret Error Message
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This message has been noticed at main menu when starting the game. I've also noticed every time I load in to a game and have a beret on from my last log in, an error message shows up something about headgear/data/military beret, the only reason I know its there is because I like to have a UN beret to make myself a custom hero skin, also seems to pop up when I am near a military base while wearing a beret.

Then only to find out that there is another beret in one of the other buildings, or that another person is near me with a beret, as I ran into the barracks and saw a guy wearing a beret.

Minor Bug, a little annoying when in the middle of a firefight or stealthy approach, when clicking the text box causing drawn weapon, to be fired.



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Error Message
Steps To Reproduce

->Load into a server while wearing a beret.

->Wear a beret and then go to a military base.

->While wearing a beret have someone pick up another beret close to you.

->start DayZ

Additional Information

This is not a major problem, as most people are used to errors jumping up at them since the Day Z mod.

would be nice if these error messages were less intrusive.

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Should be fixed in current build

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Yeah, this has been fixed in 0.33.114926

Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models

Please close this issue.

Solved. Please close thread!

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