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losing mouse control for turning body
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right now i had a new bug.

i minimized the game to take a look at my browser(firefox), came back into the game and lost the control of turning the body. with that, i could only walk straight on (no left or right possible). instead, i could turn my head 180° in both directions, looking into my own throat. aiming was possible, but only about 30° in front of me.. like you see in the video.

after relogging, this bug disappeared.


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dont think its reproduceable, just minimized the game with [alt]+[tab], as so many times before.

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well, very awkward. you are right, i didnt know of this double-alt function..
this is no bug.

thank you.

That's not a bug i think, maybe you just ativated and locked the see around function by doble pressing alt. Try next time to doble press alt to unlock this function. Pls say if it worked to actaully know if it's a bug or not. Thx :)