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Box of 7.62x51 Ammunition Contains 7.62x54 R Ammunition
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The box described as holding 20 rounds of 7.62x51 ammo, upon emptying, reveals 20 rounds of 7.62mm ammo suitable for use in the Mosin. The Mosin fires 7.62x54 Rimmed ammunition. A box of 7.62x51 ammunition should not contain 7.62mm ammunition suitable for use in a Mosin. The 7.62x51 ammunition is appropriate for use in firearms such as the M-24, M-40, many NATO machine guns, and civilian rifles which are chambered in .308.

TLDR -- 7.62x51 ammunition and 7.62x54 R ammunition are not interchangeable. {F29898} {F29899} {F29900}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Find a box of ammunition described as containing 20 rounds of 7.62x51mm (see attached image 762-ammo-01.jpg and 762-ammo-02.jpg)
  • Empty box
  • Inspect inventory and note that it contains 20 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition suitable for use in a Mosin (see attached image 762-ammo-03)

7.62x51mm ammunition SHOULD NOT chamber in a Mosin.

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Obviously it's up to rocket whether all of the 7.62mm weapons use magical interchangeable ammunition or not, but that but that seems very unrealistic and is a significant departure from the mod. The M-240, AKM, and SVD all use different ammunition based on a 7.62mm projectile. In the mod, all of these firearms used there own ammunition. They were not interchangeable.

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Last thing that they said was that there is no different weapons for different shell length and caliber 7.62 so right now they dont treat that as bug. Hope they change that later on. Why would they add 2 different colors of boxes if they would not like to?

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I remember Rocket saying that they don't want to do all the different versions of 7.62 but use only one that fits all the 7.62 weapons. Not realistic but that's the plan. Naturally it can change at some point.

Please see the attached images. I've also updated the "Steps to Reproduce" section to refer to the attached images.

Note in the attached image that the ammunition in the box is clearly described as 7.62x51mm -- which will not fire in a Mosin. A stock 91-30 fires 7.62x54R ammunition. For reference, this is the same round fired by an SVD.

is that the description or what's on the box texture

I suspect the description on gamepedia is prior to the 114557 update. In 114557 the box clearly states 7.62x51 ammunition yet it is usable in the mosin. I will try to attach an image to clarify.

-_- it's only listed as 7.62, NOT 7.62x51

it's listed as "7.62mm 20 Rounds"
with the description of "A cardbox box with 'Contains 20 7.62 rifle cartridges' written on it. Presumably contains 20 rounds in a disposable cardboard wrapper."

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Closing as duplicate of more popular report

See #7617

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