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Issue regarding magnum
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I noticed that in my inventory slots, I have a single magnum bullet sitting there. I tried to load it in my magnum to no avail and then tried to combine it with other magnum ammo and it didn't work. I shot my magnum and noticed it was still there. So I reloaded and realized that it represented the bullets currently in the magnum. Not sure if it is a glitch or what.


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No known steps. Just noticed it in my inventory

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I right click and hit eject on the bullet and got all my bullets loaded into the gun back but I lost that single bullet.

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confirming that. i also had a bullet out of a magnum, and couldnt combine it with others of the same caliber (all bullets used to be from one stack of ammo).
"combine" option was selectable, but didnt work.

if i remember correctly, i didnt lose the bullet. but had to reload my magnum with that single bullet, cause it couldnt be combined.

maybe it only comes up if you use a speedloader und eject a bullet from there, cant remember.