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Press vest on dead players - item problem
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If you take the press vest from a dead player, the vest will appear on you but also remain on the dead player. If another player tries to put the vest on him ( the one from the dead player ) he will get the vest from the first player.

Starting point:
Dead player: press vest
Player one: no vest
Player two: no vest

Player One -> take vest from dead player
result in:
Dead Player -> vest still on
Player one: -> press vest on

Player Two -> take vest from dead player
result in:
Dead Player -> vest still on
Player two: -> press vest on
Player one: -> no press vest.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. find dead player with press vest
  2. Player one: take press vest
  3. Player two: take press vest
Additional Information

If after step1, player one disconnect from server, player two is unable to take the vest from the dead player. ( dead player still has the vest on it, but nothing happens when player two tries to put the vest on him )

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confirmed happens with all items on body, can also cause guns to dissapear or drop to ground. Example friend picked m4 from body while he already had an m4, now he has 2 m4's, other friend picked up same m4 from body, both of my 1st friends m4's dissapeared. Another example, friend carried mosin, picked up m4 from body, other friend picked up m4 from same body, 1st friend's mosin dropped on ground.

RaduV added a subscriber: RaduV.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM

Yup, today it happened with items from a backpack.

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per2 added a comment.Jan 25 2014, 1:42 AM

id say its not press vest problem only, happened to us with m4 on dead body today (probably can happen with other items as well)