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Contradicting Eating Behavior Bug
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Inventory status showed I was HUNGRY. I ate a can of spaghetti and a can of beans completely. Followed by appx 20 swigs of water from a nearby well, I became STUFFED. "Belly felt more stuffed than normal" shows in chat. Two minutes later, HUNGRY status returned in inventory while STUFFED was still active while I FEEL REALLY FULL was displayed in the chat. {F29897}


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i think there are 2 different 'stuffed'.
1 for water and 1 for food.

if you only drink all day long lots and lots of water, your stomach will be full, but you are still hungry, right?

but after eating a can of spaghetti and a can of beans completely, it really should last longer than 2 minutes. maybe you were already almost starving and your food-level was very very low?

i already hat 2 messages at one time:
"My stomach feels completely full" (water)
"My stomach grumbles" (food)

while showing the 'stuffed' sign in the inventar. kind of confusing, but of course you know, what to do. in my case, i couldnt find any food, because the cities were already completely looted.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 4:40 PM

Stuffed is full on water.

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R834 added a comment.Jan 24 2014, 11:23 PM

The 'stuffed' messages are an indication that your stomach is full, not that your hunger is satisfied.

Both food and drink take up space inside of your character's stomach, so when you drank from that well, you filled up your stomach with water.

However, because water does not have any Energy in it, your hunger status did not change.

once I was on some server and they had these messages set as daily messages.. trolling from highest places:D