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Server restart bug with shotgun
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I was playing earlier with a friend of mine, i was equiped with shotgun and we saw a guy we started chasing him, i fired 2 shots then i got option to reload my shotgun with "F" button, i did it and it loaded only 1 bullet after i tried to remove the bullet and put 2 bullets manually i noticed yellow desync then red one then server restart countdown i thought it had nothing to do with my action, after that we logged back in the server played 5-10 minutes i did the same thing and the server started restarting again, so we thought ok the server is fucked up let's go to other server. We were playing for a while then after 30 minutes i did the same thing again and it restarted again so i said ok this can't be coincidence to happen 3 times in a row server to go down when i do this. We logged back in so i had to see if that was that and it was...
I've made a video about this but i don't wana upload it since many ppl will start abusing it and all the servers will get random resets.


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This issue was processed by our team and is being looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Please keep the issue monitored to see when it is fixed.

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Issue has been passed to developers.

Confirming, this is a thing.

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Tested it with a friend, both of us tried it, and it worked consistently, multiple times on multiple servers. The bug seems to be caused by the fact that you can reload the shotgun without a speedloader if you have a sawed-off in your backpack.

Steps for reproduction:

  1. Put a sawed-off shotgun in your backpack
  2. Reload the shotgun in your hand using R (without having a speedloader in your invetory)
  3. Fire those rounds

At that point, the server will crash in a matter of seconds. This is a *critical* bug.

Works for me without the speedloader. i managed to crash 5 different servers repeatedly.

I've managed to pinpoint the issue. It happens after i shoot my shotgun and reload using the R button. I noticed it only happens when i have my other sawed off shotgun loaded and stored in my backpack.

If i drop the sawed off shotgun and fire my normal shotgun i dont get a reload option with R.

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Possibly linked to the use of a speedloader.
I made a video of me and my friends replicating this bug:

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sounds high priority