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I was on a ship and my friend walked past me and it forced my guy to go thru the railings and i died from a story fall, I personally could have survived that, if anything at second story you can break your legs then maybe death above that, I am very unhappy that i had to loss everything i just got over a tiny fall


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did you read what the message says when you launch the game above the "I understand" button?

and you said you fell from the railing, which is at least 2 to 3 stories. drop a watermelon from that height onto a rock or gravel - your head would at least crack.

everybody dies at least a dozen times like that in this game. get over it, run back to your body and have your buddy cover the body. and thank him for bumping you down.

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Closing as duplicate of #0002590: Legs breaking too easily / Fall damage too high