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Inventory rearranges every login
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Every time you login to a server, your inventory rearranges itself. This is really annoying to people like me who like things organized a particular way. I feel like this would be fairly easy to fix and I know everyone would prefer this change.


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Every time my inventory starts to get full, I try to organize it so I can tell what to keep or what to drop. It's a pain having it rearrange itself with each login, because I don't have things I need within easy reach (top of backpack) and I have to search for less important items to drop each time I want to pick up a new item.

Oh thank god, yes this is really anooying !!!!!

I get this aswell, happens in my backpack, what it seems to do is move everything up to the top of the backpack when I have organised my items at top and bottom leaving a space in the middle area.

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We are aware of this issue, please refer to: #0008070: Backpack Item Rearrangement Upon Log out / Log in for further informations and development.

Thank you for your feedback.