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After server restart first client to log in has a probability to enter environment dead.
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I run a server and I have been testing the mechanics of how characters get spawned / enter the environment. Upon restarting / starting the server if a client connects early the client will report to be dead once the environment variables load on server.

only able to test this if you have rented out a server. {F29880} {F29881}


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Steps To Reproduce

1, start / restart server
2, login with a client while server still booting, wait for host to confirm connection good, chance of client entering dead
3, restart server without clients closing connection
4, repeat step 2
5, client may report to end user character dead multiple times on login

Additional Information

To fix the issue the server has to be restarted without any clients disconnecting or the affected clients data wipes.

I have done this 100 times and out of those 100 times 40 times I enter the environment dead. Tends to happen more often when inside buildings / hangars / tents / farms, and only sometimes in open fields.

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The more I test this issue with client logins and "dead on arrival" screen the more I think it has to do with how you are generated in at spawn.

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I believe i might have been on the receiving end of this,
Had a a few occasions where connecting to a server that is restarting has caused the game to hang at "please wait" If i exit and rejoin usually i am a fresh spawn.
Once when i waited long enough i actually got into the server, could see my gear in the hotbar but just as i finished loading in my character instantly died.
Could of been another player, but the server was still pretty empty, was in a very secluded place and i waited for quite a while in the you are dead screen to see if anyone would loot my body. (you can still hear and see if you are dead by pressing tab, but thats another issue)

Between the stage when the server reboots and starts to load the environment into memory see 1.jpg to when the environment is semi complete in memory see 2.jpg, any client that logs in runs the risk of defaulting to a dead screen upon entering the environment.