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Character Resets when joining new server / Old Character Pops Up Random
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So after the new version 32.xxxxxxxx I recently had to start around 10 times with a complete new and empty character, when I was stacked with ammo, guns, food and water, Cargo Pants, Tactical Vest and backpack.

So I have gone through all the trouble of walking and looting and than noticing my character got reset.

Than after a few times I logged in and I got back a character from the day before!!

Really annoying part, if I would be killed by zombies or by other players, than its skill that causes my loss of all goods, but when this is a loss by server change, its not amusing and if I thought you're able to change servers to loot!!

If not please say so, I will stick to one server, but as I also have experienced, wehn not able to connect to a server, and you press escape, you will not be in the same server again......, pressing play puts you in the server selection screen, where you have to select your server....


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Try swapping servers several times, I especially got more trouble when ping is higher....

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Can this be related to the message of not being able to load the materials file??

I have some servers wich I join who have kept memory of my inventory, but some I start out with nothing, cannot get back my stuff after connection loss....