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Can reach outside ladder from inside stairway.
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Nothing new i guess. I attached a (night)-photo to show the position. {F29877} {F29878}


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Go up the stairs @ Elektro (power-plant) fire-station for example. On the second level you see the arrow for the outside-ladder, although you are inside.

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Same ladder same bug, I added a day screenshot even if this is apparently usual bug (it's useful in Alpha because you can go up and use theses ladders to get out without the risk of falling from the stairs...)

It happens to ladders and doors on wich your near on, doors can be opened through walls and stairs teleport you through the wall.

Walls should block the ability to perform this action....

this happens at almost any ladder

I can confirm this. Occurs in firestations and apartment buildings with the elevator shaft ladders.

This shit has been part of the game/mod for so long that it's just accepted as what it is, for better or worse.

ok maybe ;), the power-lines lead me there in the area, it was dark...

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your so called powerplant is a firestation ;D

but ye its a well known bug, it even was possible in the mod.

Duplicate of #0000200

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