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Attempting to view the contents of several med kits
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Not sure has just since 114557 or has always been there

I had several medkits that when I moved to my hands to view its contents would only show contents of the first.


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Have two medkits with different items inside to recognise problem

Place one in your hands to see contents

Swap this with another medkit and you'll find the display of items does not change.

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^ thanks for the feedback

Also, if you set the hotkeys up, at least for med-kits and water bottles, it doesn't choose the one you chose but one of its own choosing. Maybe which is the closest to the top as Captain Draco has stated but I haven't noticed the pattern.

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Only happens when you're switching it while holding the other item in your hands already. If you remove it from your hands and use an other item, it works correctly. But I guess that's what you meant ;-)

happens with any item you have multiple of, even protective cases and water bottles, it often only activates the one nearest to the top of the inventory

what has been happening is the items are just switching locations in your inventory, not switching which one is in your hand. I noticed the problem a while back.