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character reset upon every single respawn
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--Please do not remind me this is alpha--
I know this is Alpha
The only problem is pre-patch (yesterday) this was never an issue. Literally every single time I respawn I am a new character. Doesn't matter which server it is, it always happens. I have tried leaving and coming back into the same exact server and I still find myself standing at the coast without any loot as a new character.
Sometimes I will get lucky and I will spawn as my last saved character even if I have spawned as a new character several times before. That's how I know it's more than just a server issue. It's the game as well. I would shrug it off and continue playing and bug reporting but this makes the game more unplayable than ever. Whatever programming you changed or added in the last patch needs to be reverted because I know I am not the only person with this problem.
Before the patch this was something that would maybe happen once every 2 weeks. Now it is every single time.


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play, leave server, log back in, character is wiped

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Great game, thanks for working, just know its unplayable until fixed.

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I had this problem often during the last build, however this build it happened once. I only play on servers all by the same host (i.e. I can play on some other servers hosted by another host (i.e. and on some of them I had no issue but on one I lost everything. The only know way to get your stuff back that worked on the last build and worked again is to log out and log back into the server you previously left. It is unconfirmed but it seems that it may be caused by something with the database or the servers. Something like the servers being on different databases or having a option to reset characters to prevent server jumping. Try finding a bunch of servers all with the same host and see if jumping between those servers keeps your character and if jump out of that group causes you to lose everything. Also be ware of logging out while desyncing, sometimes things picked up while desyncing will not be added to your inventory while anything dropped will remain dropped until the server syncs again. Try some other things to see if you can reduce the occurrence. In the last build, when i played with my friends I never seemed to have the problem when they joined first and i joined them but if i played by myself it was a 50/50 shot.


I am also having the same issue, regardless of server or anything. I've even tried to uninstall and reinstall the game. I realize that character wipes are necessary, and that this is an alpha stage game. However, asking anyone to report bugs when I can't even play the same character I did 5 minutes ago when I try to leave a server and join with friends, or even joining the same server results in having to start over. Devs have gotten quite a bit of money from this standalone version of DayZ, I would assume that would open their doors to hiring outside help to finish the game quicker and iron out these type of bugs. Sighs, please fix this issue as I can deal with getting killed by Zeds or a bandit, but losing my character for joining a server is unplayable and unforgivable.

Having the same issue. Before latest patch I'v had this once or twice randomly, but now I have this every single time I log off of a server. It never saves my character and allways puts me as new spawn when I join a server. Indeed very frustrating

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I am also having this issue. My character never saves between different servers or on same server. very frustrating.

Defiantly a huge issue that I have to.

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78