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character always reseting
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I was purchased day z standalone about a week ago and i had a fully geared character and right after the new shot gun patch he got wiped, I know that its a alpha so i shrugged it off as a thing that normally happens, but when i started a new character that one got wiped also. Everytime i would join a server it would take away my character and re spawn me along the coast. no matter what now whenever i join a server it has to be a fresh spawn which makes the game unplayable.


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its takes a couple times but after i relog onto the same server or a different one after maybe three times my character gets wiped,

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All the hives show as public but some don't seem connected to the central hive. How does one tell

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it's not bug... it's another hive ==' servers with another hive should have some infromation in their name.

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a reseted character when joining the game is not a bug related to the game. These servers are falsely configured and can't connect to the central hive where your character is saved