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Error: Confirmation of Changes // Cannot load material file dz\character\headgear\data\militaryberet_mz.rvmat.
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After the recent update, this is my first time playing DayZ since. So, character reset what is understandable. I started out, but after... 3-4 minutes? I got the error (Summary). It didn't stop my game, I could carry on playing freely. Though, I decided to restart my game.

Doing so, got back on. After 3-4 minutes again, the error reappears. It's triggered randomly, I'm not sure what is causing it. {F29865} {F29866} {F29867} {F29868}


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Well for me, all I had to do was play the game and the error appeared.

edit: I still have it 6 days later when I start playing again. -posted pic-

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R834 added a comment.Feb 9 2014, 2:34 PM

What is the exact error you are still getting? This should have been fixed in 0.33

Fixed: Popping up texture error for beret models

17 days later, can this please be acknowledged by the DayZ Dev Team? It's bad enough that I've taken the time to try and keep this post alive but that I have had to for 17 days?

Please recognise this post! I still get this error in-game!

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 4:38 PM

This is handy as it warns you another player is near! He or she is wearing or has on them the texture which isn't correctly loaded within the engine.

Nam: Blowing up the gas station gives a message about a different file, doesn't it?

I always get this beret message whenever i'm within a certain distance of... a beret! Imagine that :)

If i'm wearing one, I'll get it at the character/menu screen.

If there's one on the ground as loot, I'll get it when I'm about 500m away from the location (when approaching a military base, for example).

If I'm in the middle of nowhere, and it pops up when I'm NOT MOVING.. then I know that somebody has loaded into my vicinity wearing one, or has just run into range!

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Same issue

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Error message can be reproduced ( forced ) by blowing up gas station

Same here. No direct Connection to similar Actions or something. Appears randomly, but no Problem with the Game itself.

Used to get a similar error when a gas station exploded before patch (possible we still do?).

This one seems to come up now when there is a Beret within a certain range.

I'm also getting this error message after the most recent patch (0.32...).
About the same moment of occurance, few minutes after logging in.

When I got this error, it either caused or was caused by what I'm assuming was a lack of communication with the server; I couldn't perform any action other than movement.

Solved. Please Close this issue.

R834 added a comment.Feb 27 2014, 8:12 PM

Fixed in 0.33.114926