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[Suggestion] Types of Bows
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If you read this: votes and replies are appreciated! :)
I suggest implementing not just one bow, but two:
1)Compound (modern) bow. Excellent tool for killing other players. One (sometimes two) shot kill, arrow can travel for a long distance, high speed of an arrow. Can't be crafted, can be only found at military areas. Very rare. Arrows are craftable, but requires some valuable and rare resources (or maybe not craftable at all, only found in loot spawns near military areas). There are also should be some attachments for this kind of bow (like scopes, differnet types of arrows, etc.). Bow from Far Cry 3 is a good example.
2)Wooden (crafted) bow. This kind of bow can be crafted on your own with sticks and string (also found in loot spawns like deer stands, barns or even usual houses). Maybe there should be more requirements for crafting it, like certain type of wood or some additinal resources. Although you should be able to find resorces for the bow without much troubles. Arrows are craftable too (or found in similar loot spawns). This bow would be great for hunting animals, but not as great for killing people as the compound bow.
P.S. Attached a picture to show some simple examples of these bows
Thanks for reading! :) {F29861}


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