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Inventory UI is not scaling with the rest of the UI
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When you set the UI to a certain mode, IE: Very Small, the UI does not change sizes for the inventory screen. I play on a surround display and it is VERY large no matter what. This is something that is very annoying as the inventory is covered by my bezels. I think that this is not working as intended. The inventory window should be resized with the rest of the UI and this issue will go away.


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Ingame UI
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Open inventory on surround displays set to portrait mode.

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Nvidia Surround, 3x 19" 1440x900 displays 2883x1440 resolution (bezel corrected)

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I only use one screen but I really hate how large the inventory screen is. You have to scroll through it once you get much loot and you cannot scroll while dragging an item. You have to make sure both slots are visible before doing anything whether you are just switching locations or loading ammo into a weapon, unless the weapon is in your hands.