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Another character loaded
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Just after the update.

When i joined a server today, it took a little longer to load than normally and i could see through the walls around me. I quickly found out that it wasnt the same place i quited the game yesterday. I got into 3rd person mode and saw it wasnt my character either .. The "new" character looked just exactly as a character i played with before, but that character died..?! Hoxton mask, green bandana, green jacket and a green talon backpack!
The character died with a moisin, a firefighter axe and lots food. But the "new" one only had a splitting axe, a shovel and some medicin. All this stuff was some of the first things i got when i started that character.

Then this message popped up: "Confirmation of Changes - Cannot load material file dz/characters/headgear/data/militayberet_un.rvmat."

Btw my name was changed from "Nephilim" (my gametag or whatever) to "Noa" (my real name)??

I will allow myself to hope that i can get the "right" character back, as i got some good gear, but anyway, it is alpha :) EDIT: well now im better geared than before so no need to get the old character back :) {F29854}


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Every time i log in the message appears..
"Confirmation of Changes - Cannot load material file dz/characters/headgear/data/militayberet_un.rvmat."

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A guy wrote this and then deleted it (got an email about it). He said:
"it's not bug... it's another hive ==' servers with another hive should have some
infromation in their name."
That would make sense if spawned with nothing on these servers, but we spawned as other characters with some gear. And the thing is that when i join other servers it still uses that character?!? Its a mystery... xD

Has happened twice to me. Two nights ago I played ARMA III and it used my character name Roger. When I went to play yesterday my Dayz character name had changed to Roger and half my gear was gone. Now some servers start me with gear and some as a fresh spawn. I also get the "Confirmation of Changes - Cannot load material file dz/characters/headgear/data/militayberet_un.rvmat." message.

Yea, found the same issue. Pulled player info from an older config file.

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kind of same here. Didn't load the character I logged out yesterday but one that got lost during logout few weeks back. Glad to see him though.

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same here
respawn with a character that got kill on the a military base and found myself on the middle of a road