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Flash light glitch after killing someone
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Ok this is what happened to me several times. Flash light appears on ground where someone was running with it turned on in hands and got hit but didnt die right after. It appears on place of 1st hit i guess.


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  1. Pitch black night
  2. M4 equipped and in military area
  3. Guy with flash light shows up running betwen tents
  4. Spray some bullets at him when hes close since hes full geared
  5. He doesnt die right after my shots and he starts to scream on voice chat and run.
  6. After few seconds flash light appear at place he got hitted that is on ground turned on flashing in some direction. ( thats creepy coz i was like wtf did he survive and set up a trap to see me :D So i tryed to wait it out for like 5 mins )
  7. Find him dead few meters away

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