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Spray-painted Mosin
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I have not tried using any other spray paint colors, however, I spray-painted my Mosin black. By doing so, this gave me a bugged Mosin where it will allow me to only chamber 1 round into the weapon. The reload option has completely disappeared.


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You just have to spray-paint a Mosin, remove any ammo if there are any loaded into the weapon, and then attempt to reload the weapon again.

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just tested this my self unchambered my 5 rounds (i also painted it woo i found black spray paint) and then went to re chamber the ammo and it would only allow 1 ammo have not found an unpainted mosin to test it on. ok so i found an unpainted mosin and tested it. I get the load ammo option on the unpainted mosin and am able to load 5 rounds. I spray painted it black and the Load Ammo option Disappears and chamber ammo is all that is left and it only allows 1 bullet to be loaded.

Confirmed for green paint too. Can only chamber single rounds now...

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confirmed on my mosin. painted it black now i have to chamber a single round every time.

Same thing happened to me, wasn't sure if it was the spray paint that did it I hadn't reloaded till I did spray paint the rifle so I presumed it was a hiccup from the update. Paint could be the issue.