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Loot spawns are less abundant
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  • brought character to cherno.
  • loot spawns were less
  • some buildings had very little than usual
  • some buildings like the orange buildings or grey full sized sheds had nothing.
  • please check loot DB and spawns points


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Same here. Definitely the first to loot the place, but all the "known" loot locations from before the Update were empty.
Overall very little loot at all.

i have the same issue everywhere, i just had a character bleed out, because zombies slapping you causes you to bleed like your skin is tissue, and not a single loot spawn in the area i was, and the first aid kit i had got destroyed when i picked up food to eat just before the zombie attacked

Agreeing, trying to find a good melee weapon, first aid kits, guns even has become super hard to come by.