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Character name = Login credentials for computer rather than Steam name.
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Summary says it all. You start the game and notice that your character has been renamed to the login name for your computer. You join a game and you see a player list of users:

"Joe Smith"
"Sarah Somethingorother"


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Steps to reproduce involve starting the game post patch 0.32.114557 for the first time.

Rather... step (singular) to reproduce.

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User, family and a couple others like myself who either intentionally or unintentionally use non-identifiable login credentials may not mind that much. Sarah Somethingorother might be real unhappy.

Temporary fix: Click the name on the first screen you see and edit it.

Side note - I don't mind Alpha bugs. This ain't my first rodeo. I don't mind sliding 30 feet off a flat surface to my death while trying to eat some beans. I don't mind character wipes.

However, I do mind when devs "alpha up" and create a problem where peoples' personal information is broadcast to the world. I'd mind it if I were testing the game for free. I sure as hell mind that these people paid $30 for the privilege of a colossal "alpha up" which leaked their private information.

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And yet this gets down votes... how is pointing out that a game is using your computer login name (which might be your real name) as a default setting something that gets voted down?

Its not like there are obviously available change logs and/or patch notes... I mean the character name looked exactly the same as it always had and it was never editable before that I'm aware of.

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Well, it was in the experimental build, it was already reported there, and yet they pushed it to stable a day early, without fixing it first.. Its like frikking EA games is running the show there, instead of Bohemia..

*edit typo

Want steam name not computer name, must be that one of the devs wanted to derive the name from his own machines for convenience sake then forgot to change it back (commented out this line of code, uncommented my own dev-only line) :)

Speculation of course ;-)

Happened over here too

Unknown, its the version I automatically downloaded from steam (114557) today when I got on.

Nam added a comment.Jan 23 2014, 12:49 AM

Is this in the stable, or experimental build? If stable, that is very worrying, as it was reported already in experimental...

I'm going to say that any "feature" that defaults to publicly displaying your computer login name rather than either a game-side default character name or your Steam name is, at the very least, a bug.

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You can just click on the name and change it, not really a bug but a new feature, sigh