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After the update to 0.32 i lost all my stuff on my guy.
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I lost everything on my guy including my mosin after the update!


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update your game to 0.32

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Lol I assumed that. I'm a noob and I know that.

Since you signed up for the game at this stage, I'm amazed that you even complain about this. You WILL experience many more of these.

and one thing i did notice, is that every different server i join i basically have a new different character.

and who the hell voted down. what is there to vote down. lol

that sucks. i only had really only decent stuff not nothing good for a noob who just started playing this game, it was good. lol

Lost my entire (and real nice) gear as well.

well no and my guy did get wiped out completely. but Demoth if thats the case then im not that mad. i mean i still am but it makes sence.

did any of you (who got wiped) get any error messages upon starting the game?

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Hate to say it, but they said characters wipes and rollbacks are going to be very common and characters won't be recoverable. Don't get attached to stuff, we're really just play testing and allowing Rocket to collect data.

alpha -> dont get attached to your stuff

My character got wiped completely. It was full of gear and "endgame" loot. So you say that it was rolled back a few days? I haven't played DayZ in about five days before the patch yet it was gone.

*EDIT* Just joined some high pop servers, my character was fine. Yey

yeah i got rolled back a bit. not too bad

Well I might try that. Hopefully it works for me. I will let u guys know here. Anyone else who has had this problem do what SirGarnet said

After first login in version 0.32.114557 my character was complete. After server change my character is lost. Please FIX

EDIT: After rejoin, everything is fine :o)

I am having the same issue - i've been rolled back several days to a character I lost when I had a server disconnect - Please fix so disappointing to have only an axe when I had finally found a gun

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I experienced a character roll back of about 2 hours, but didn't lose anything.