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Character wipe/Character save loss from server jumps
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Character seems to be wiped depending on different circumstances not related to dying resulting in all loot being lost and player being re-spawned on the coast.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Logging into particular server groups
  • For example, I jumped from a server named Ashes of NYC to any server with the nomenclature [st #-# (public/type) version#] and seem to lose everything very often. However, jumping with-in this server group i seem to be fine and can jump out of it and keep everything. (re-entry will cause a lose of everything
  • Logging out while under attack or bleeding
  • Happened once, may have been related to server group.
  • Hitting Esc/ logging out while in the host or please waiting screens
  • Happened to a few friends
  • Disconnected from server
  • Has happened but seemingly at random
  • Immediately logging off a server after entering the server.
  • Seemingly random but seems to have a 60/40 - 70/30 saved/lose rate
  • Logging out while in permanent unconsciousness
  • Seems to assume or force kill a character in this state
  • This maybe a feature like the condition itself however that seems unfair as there is no real difference between waiting in a server for a friend to come help you and logging out and back in. Although logging would save you from bandits, that is no different than logging out to get away from bandits anyway.
Additional Information
  • Some people seem to get this problem frequently and some seem to never get it.
  • I typical like to play with 3 of my friends and i get this the most, one of them has had it happen once or twice, and another one has never had this problem.
  • There have been people to report that they get this glitch logging to the same server, other get it logging into every server.

Can be reduced or reversed by:

  • If you log into a server and you do not have the stuff you had before.
  • Do not move, Immediately log out of the server and then log back into the server you just left or were last in.


  • Test out some servers to see which ones seem to be safe from this glitch and add them to your favorites
  • Add a server to your favorites before entering and delete once you have safely entered a new server (to aid with getting back your stuff should you lose it
  • Do not immediately log off a server after having just logged on.
  • Move around a bit after logging on before logging off. So if you log on and just want to rearrange you inventory (for example, logging into a night server to be safe from bandits and murders), make sure you move around a little before logging off.
  • Travel with friends.
  • It seemed to happen to me less often when I was with my friend who never seems to get this glitch. He would log into a server and we would follow. There has only been on time when this didn't work and that was on a badly lagging server and when the lag seemed to get better, there turned out to be a zombie standing in the middle of our group that must have killed us when we were lagging and could not see it.

Not all these steps are proven but they seem to have worked well for me

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I wanted to add that I am experiencing the same issue with the following conditions:

  • Every time I leave a server and rejoin my character is reset.
  • The above is regardless of whither I am on the same server or a different one.
  • No one was around me when I left the server. (Including zombies)
  • I recently opted into the beta steam client, however this did not start happening until today.

I hope some of this feedback helps so it can be fixed asap. I don't mind restarting after dying, or even misc. game glitches, but I don't want to have to restart from scratch just because I disconnected to relieve myself, or eat food(IRL).

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Please refer to the primary character save loss thread at #78