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random door sounds
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Whenever you're close to buildings and alike structures, there are those random creaking noises every now and then - like a door or window moving in rusty hinges.
Only no doors are being opened by anyone.
Especially in the tents area this gets ridiculous.
Before I got used it, it freaked me out a lot, thinking someone was close opening doors.
If the actual opening of doors would make this noise and it would appear only then, this would be a nice feature. This way it's kinda annoying imho.


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just hang around any buildings and listen for "mechanical" sounds.

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Was just about to post the same issue - which can be quite annoying and adding to your paranoia :)

Maybe its doors automatically closing after some time ?

There are no door sound effects, you should know this if you have ever touched a door in-game. The sound effects that you hear are features, not bugs. Ambient noise, the sound of a metal gate blowing in the wind, creaky floors, etc.

This issue should be closed, in my opinion. Yes, there are a lot of sound glitches in-game, like universal reload sounds and cans opening, but the ambient effects you are describing are 100% intentional.

I agree with swagadordali. The closing door/gate sounds might not be backed by any really happening action, but it actually is supposed to create paranoia.

I like it and I would want to keep those ambient noises just like the breaking stick and others.

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These are just part of the background ambient sounds.

Closing as duplicate of more recent but more popular report.